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What we’re doing to help

When I started this book project it was my last ditch attempt at using art to pull Max out of a horrifying transition into a new school (Sept 2012). Max is 10. Five years ago he was practically non-verbal and spent about 90% of his time stimming and in his own world – the world […]

Foreword – Max From The Planet of Cool

I have long wanted to write a children’s book based on Max and the funny things he thinks and says but it wasn’t until 2012 when, out of desperation to help Max adjust to a new school, I decided I was talented enough to do it.   In 2006, at the age of 4, Max […]

Autism, Spring Break and the Buzz in the air

By McNall Mason (Max’s Mom)   It’s spring break. Things are going well. We’re in the middle of having a documentary made about us as part of the prize for winning the Brotherton Cadillac / KOMO4 Community Champion Award in January. We’ve been frantically working our lives around the film director’s schedule and trying to […]

Our first Event with the Books

By McNall Mason (Max’s Mom)   We attended our first conference resource fair yesterday. We couldn’t sell our books there because they’d had problems in the past with people selling at the event. It was a good-news-bad-news situation. I’d love to be selling the heck out of our books BUT it was nice to have […]

autism ate my life

By McNall Mason (Max’s Mom)   Autism devoured my life long before I came to terms with Max’s situation. In fact, I’m pretty sure it swallowed me whole as soon as Max became a toddler, gained mobility and started throwing temper tantrums for unknown reasons. I had no idea what his problem was and it […]

Eric the big brother thinks about Max

By McNall Mason (Max’s Mom)   Eric (5), Xam (15) and Max (6 mo)   Max has two older brothers, the oldest, Xam is 24 and the middle, Eric is 14. Xam has a different dad. Max and Eric have the same parents. Eric was 4.5 yrs old when Max was born and I’m pretty […]

Autism Taught Me Extreme Compassion

By McNall Mason (Max’s Mom)   In an earlier post about Max, I mentioned that it’s not really fun for me to go back and think about how hard my life was for the first 5 years of Max’s… so I’m just letting the story unfold as I feel motivated to write about it… Autism […]

Maybe Max wants to be “punished”

By McNall Mason (Max’s Mom)   I realized when I wrote the blog post about not having Max diagnosed, I leave myself open to critics. There are so many schools of thought on autism and Aspergers. I feel I’m flying by the seat of my pants right alongside all the other parents flying by the […]

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