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Raising Money For Charity


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LEARN about how to become a CHARITY PARTNER!

Originally, Max ‘n Me Studio wanted to raise money and awareness for autism and autism spectrum disorders. Read more (about that).

But then we realized we know a lot of really cool people who have really cool charities and we’ve decided, why stop at raising money for autism, why not raise money for ALL the do-gooders out there?! So basically, Max and Me had an Executive Board Meeting and we’ve decided to… expanded our reach and expand out art!

We’re open to the possibility that our books will reach an audience wider than just autism and aspergers – we want to help with issues around equality, gender diversity, animal rights and rescue, human rights, mental health, anti-bullying and other charities, if you are a charity or know of a charity that would like to be associated with us, please contact me and we can discuss the nitty-gritty of how to get the ball rolling.

Learn more about Our Charity Partners, including:

The Art of Autism • Autism Empowerment • Autism Family Support Foundation • Autism Radio – Hope Saves the Day • The Autism Trust – Polly’s Place • California Autism Foundation • Ella’s Hope for Autism • Child Mind Institute • CHILD | Children’s Institute for Learning Differences • Exceptional Families Network • FEAT of Washington | Families for Effective Autism Treatment • via Zwoodle • Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden • Living Beyond Autism • McCarton Foundation • My Purple Umbrella • Pizza Klatch • Rockin’ & Ridin’ for Autism • UW Autism Center

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