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Max isn’t so different after all

By McNall Mason (Max’s Mom)


We had an action backed autism sprinkled weekend! Max is a trooper.


Saturday morning we were off like a rocket to the Exceptional Families Book Fair at our local Barnes and Noble… where we had our books waiting for us on an author table so we could do signings there like “real” authors do! Oh wait – maybe we are “real authors”!


Max was too cute when we got there, he helped bring our wooden cut out characters in from the car and set them up and then he literally bolted for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid display and because I’m a sucker for watching him read, of course I bought him a copy of one of the ones he hasn’t read yet




So Max read for a bit until one of his friends showed up and then the two were off like two peas in a pod… off to the new fangled toy section Barnes and Noble added … off to drool over lego sets and books about trains… Max’s buddy loves trains and loves to tell Max all about them and guess what… he’s neural typical! Yep – NT kids are obsessed with cool things too – and until I met Max’s friend, I’d forgotten that… but it’s true. I remember my oldest son being obsessed with dinosaurs and then sharks. He knew all the names of all sharks and all the names of all the dinosaurs and had books about them and spent hours studying them – and then he outgrew the obsession. I guess ultimately that’s the big difference between NT kids and Autism kids. Some kids outgrow their childhood obsessions and some don’t.

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