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I don’t hate much but I hate this infographic

By McNall Mason (Max’s Mom)


Here is a very typical autism related infographic that makes my skin crawl.


It’s not unusual for other websites to ask me to push their content or link back to them or – fill in the blank. Today I received an email from Blaine at What To Expect asking me to please promote this infographic. Just between you and me and the fence post, she might of hit me in a slightly cranky mood. Either that or I’ve seen her infograhic’s information one too many times…


Of course, this whole book project is about collaboration and partnership and teaching Max philanthropy so why wouldn’t I happily cross-promote?! Sorry, Blaine, I hate this infographic so I can’t. AND yes, the irony of it is that by posting how much I hate it, I am in fact promoting it so hahahahahahaha!


Anyway… here it is…




I know, I know it’s just the facts…right? Well, honestly, I don’t know if it’s fact or not because I haven’t done the counting BUT for the sake of peace, I trust that “they” know how to count and what “they” say is true. So why does it bug me?


When I see this, I receive a message of doom and gloom and alarm about autism and btw – if you give birth to a boy you better watch out because they’re more likely targets than girls – that thinking is a double edged sword and I personally know parents of girls who struggled too much just to get their daughter diagnosed – so – this is not helping the autistic girls.


1 in 50… 1 in 88 … 1 in 250 was the number, when I found out about Max… really who cares? There is no “cure” for autism so does it matter that more people are being born with it? ALARM ALARM!!! Those of us who want kids are going to have them. period. If they end up with autism, down’s syndrome, blindness or whatever, then we deal with it because that is what a parent is supposed to do. So far as I know there are not yet tests to diagnose autism in the womb but according to the infographic “they” can diagnose your kid “reliably” by age 2. Seriously, the autism diagnosis is largely dependent on parental reporting and if a parent is accurately reporting, then in my mind, they already know that something is up with their kid. I don’t know many people who were completely blind-sided by their kid’s autism diagnosis. Heck – at this point in time, I can pretty much pick an autistic kid out of a crowd because I know what to look for… maybe I could start offering to diagnose!


I could go on and on about this infographic – and seriously, I probably just got caught in a crabby moment cuz in the end, this graphic isn’t about Max ‘n Me and what we’re doing about autism… it’s about a generalization for all of humanity based on some statistics that came from somewhere that has nothing to do with Max ‘n Me because we never sought medical help. Max was practically non-verbal at age 5 and is 100% mainstreamed with no NEED for special services at age 10.


Max is a miracle who didn’t get early intervention or medical intervention. Where are the infographics that spell out hope and possibility? Unconditional love and perseverance? Those are the ones I want to promote!


End of rant – back to work!

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