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Horrible Confession

By McNall Mason (Max’s Mom)


I’m about to make a horrible confession…


I now know what it feels like to be a “dance mom” – you know, the mom who’s rooting for her kid because it makes a difference to her and she wants to win (for the sake of her kid of course) at all cost?!


YUP – that’s ME! I’m kinda ashamed on the one hand… and on the other… I’m thinking “When Max was still practically non-verbal at five and STILL wearing “Pull Ups” … I never in a million years thought that he would or could EVER be the kid who warranted a “dance mom moment” – so that’s the hand that wins… and I’m here to sheepishly admit… IT FELLS DAMN GOOD to be Max’s “dance mom”!


So what am I dance-mom-ing about? A little photo contest on FaceBook sponsored by Jones Soda and The Smith Tower… nothing TOO major… except that Max LOVES architecture and for fun we regularly visit buildings so we’ve been to the Smith Tower which BTW was the first skyscraper in Seattle, has a “Chinese Room” at the observation deck level and some rich lady turned the top two floors into the most awesome apartment EVER (there’s pictures on the internet). The day we visited, hardly anyone else was there and the elevator operator (yes, they still exist) let Max pull the lever (yes, they also still exist) to “rocket” us up to the 35th floor observation deck… and that’s where we saw the door leading up to the apartment… and pictures…


ANYHOO – we follow the Smith Tower on Instagram, Twitter and FB – just cuz we like to keep tabs on what they’re up to. A few weeks ago, they had a photo contest… the winner gets their photo on the label of a special edition Jones Soda that’s sold in the Chinese Room at the top of the Smith Tower. Soooo – we took a picture of one of Max’s drawings of the Smith Tower and entered it in the contest and I am now obsessed with winning the contest ala dance-mom-style…




ugh! I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you how much time I invested in blasting the world with “please vote for Max” posts, tweets and emails! I begged my family to pass along the link, I emailed people I haven’t talked to in YEARS who have NO IDEA about the books and Max… and here’s the thing that I’m most embarrassed about… I paid $15 to FB to promote one of the posts. There, I said it… ugh… I’m half expecting The Smith Tower to call me up after the contest to offer me a job in Social Media Marketing (haha).


BUT on the other hand (the one I started on) I can’t tell you how awesome it is that:


1. Max drew a really cool picture of the Smith Tower and let me post it online (according to him his artwork “sucks”)


2. He got excited about winning the contest


3. I’m extremely proud of Max for so many reasons and I want to help him feel confident and competent and honestly… after having autism eat my life and spending years worried about our future… it feels GREAT to be Max’s “dance-mom” GO MAX!



Ceiling of the Chinese Room

Ceiling of the Chinese Room

View of the Space Needle from The Smith Tower

View of the Space Needle from The Smith Tower

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