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     Have you ever met someone for the first time and within the first few minutes of meeting them you quickly realize that you’re not really “strangers” after all. You come from similar places, have similar stories, and points of view that jive? And before you know it you meld into just chatting like you’ve been friends for a while?

     That happened when I “met” (over the phone) Paul Cimins from Autism Radio. What a great guy, with a great story, doing a bunch of great things for a community that needs the support now more than ever! The minute I found out his son on the spectrum is 10 (and so is Max) I knew we automatically had a lot in common because we both started learning about autism at around the same year and we both know that back then the available information was a muddled mess.

     Autism Radio raises money for families affected by autism and (equally important) it raises awareness for autism and hope for those who live with it. Paul said something to me, and I’m probably going to butcher the quote, but it was something like: “I look forward to the day that autism is getting as much attention as some of the other major issues our society is facing like heart disease and breast cancer.” Not that he thinks those things aren’t important, but let’s face it… 1:88 kids on the spectrum is A LOT of kids and all those kids have families who struggle to help them and they all need HOPE!

     Cheers, Paul!  Thanks so much for the interview on your show, for supporting our books, for being a warrior-dad of a kid on the spectrum, and for making a difference for others. I’m very pleased for the opportunity to use our books to raise money for your organization!

In 2012, Paul Cimins, Founder and CEO of Autism Radio, wrote and produced a song for his 10-year old autistic son… well actually, more accurately, it’s a parent’s song and it’s AMAZING! Listen

     Listen to our radio interview!

       Watch Paul Cimins talk about us!

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