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Max, Autism and Getting Bullied, what would you do?

By McNall Mason, Max’s Mom   Max came home yesterday with a disturbing story about a kid named Ben. I wrote about Ben yesterday after Max told me he doesn’t want to be autistic anymore. We’ve been chatting about Ben all year long. Max knows Ben is autistic, he sees the similarities, hand flapping, tantrums, […]

The Math Miracle

By McNall Mason (Max’s Mom).   Some kids on the spectrum excel at academics. Max is not one of those for whom school work comes automatically easy… “that kid” is my older two sons who never had problems and barely had to study at all and passed everything easy-cheesy style. Max on the other hand […]

Max’s Art Evolution

by Agent Janie (Natash’s Mom)   Now, I’m not a relative of Max, nor am I trained in anything that qualifies me as an expert in child development – other than a combination of experience, observation, and education.  I’ve actually only known Max for about six months, but what I’ve witnessed of his personal growth […]

No, It’s Not Always Easy

By McNall Mason, Max’s Mom   I often speak of how this project is transforming Max. That’s true. I rarely talk about how this project is transforming me… but let’s face it, how can I NOT be transformed in this process?!   If you’ve been watching this project unfold… You’ve seen the videos of Max […]

What we’re doing to help

When I started this book project it was my last ditch attempt at using art to pull Max out of a horrifying transition into a new school (Sept 2012). Max is 10. Five years ago he was practically non-verbal and spent about 90% of his time stimming and in his own world – the world […]

Horrible Confession

By McNall Mason (Max’s Mom)   I’m about to make a horrible confession…   I now know what it feels like to be a “dance mom” – you know, the mom who’s rooting for her kid because it makes a difference to her and she wants to win (for the sake of her kid of […]

Foreword – Max From The Planet of Cool

I have long wanted to write a children’s book based on Max and the funny things he thinks and says but it wasn’t until 2012 when, out of desperation to help Max adjust to a new school, I decided I was talented enough to do it.   In 2006, at the age of 4, Max […]

Max isn’t so different after all

By McNall Mason (Max’s Mom)   We had an action backed autism sprinkled weekend! Max is a trooper.   Saturday morning we were off like a rocket to the Exceptional Families Book Fair at our local Barnes and Noble… where we had our books waiting for us on an author table so we could do […]

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